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BitRock Cross Platform Installer 9.5.2

BitRock Cross Platform Installer 9.5.2: Easy to use cross platform installers that provide full desktop integration. cross platform installers for Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Windows and Mac OS X. BitRock installers are native binaries that can run on Windows ME, 2000, XP, 2003, Solaris, Mac OS X and on any Linux distribution. The generated installers provide native look and feel and desktop integration for Windows, KDE, Gnome and Aqua and are optimized in size and speed, reducing download, startup and installation time. BitRock Installers are single-file, self

wxForms 1.0.6: wxWidgets Form designer plugin for Borland / CodeGear C++ Builder
wxForms 1.0.6

cross platform makefiles with a single click. * Create wxWidgets Dialogs and Frames using C++ Builder Form Designer. * Facilitate the use of all C++ builder`s features to create Cross platform application. * Create Cross Platform GUI that can be compiled in GCC, VC++ and other compilers supported by wxWidgets in MacOSX, Linux and Windows CE. * Over 60 ready to use wxWidgets components. * Ready to use wxWidgets Dialog and Frame project Templates. *

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cpcc - cross platform C++ classes 0.53: C++ cross platform classes for windows and MAC OSX
cpcc - cross platform C++ classes 0.53

cpcc is a minimal library of C++ classes. Amongst others, it contains: a portable file system class a path helper class - allows manipulation of file paths a screensaver interface class a persistent settings class (similar to INI files) a portable color class a window class with simple drawing functions a time counter class a self-test class

c library, cross platform c, portable c library

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DEKSI Net Remote 3.4.6

DEKSI Net Remote is a .Net Cross platform and Cross device communications framework for PC`s and PDA`s.

gprs support, gprs, net cross platform, pda communications, cf net communication

Quick Message 1.0: Cross platfom LAN Messenger - Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac
Quick Message 1.0

QuickMessage Applicaion. The popular (free) cross platform LAN messenger. Run on Windows, Linux and Mac. As long as your pc connected with other pc on your network, you can send them messages. You can start chat right away after downloaded . QuickMessage automatically detect your network and find your peers.

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Nevron Open Vision 2014.1: The First and Only Cross-Platform Presentation Layer for .NET Developers
Nevron Open Vision 2014.1

cross-platform User Interface elements (widgets) that aims to completely eliminate the need to use any platform specific controls, that would ultimately bind your Presentation Layer to a specific platform/runtime, look-and-feel and API. Nevron Open Vision also includes a set of advanced controls to streamline your LOB application development and provide Enterprise quality to your projects. Included UI components and controls: - NOV UI Widgets - NOV

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E.M. Multilayer Image Processing SDK 1.30: E.M. Multilayer Image Processing Software Development Kit
E.M. Multilayer Image Processing SDK 1.30

cross-platform multilayer image processing software development kit. It can process multilayer images on many different platforms. It can add frame, mask and shadow to your images, and convert text to image, and also contains basal functions to process image as gray, threshold, blur, stretch, rotate and so on. At last, it makes these images together then creates a fancy picture. Features: Cross-Platform: Linux, Win32, BeOS. The SDK based on SDL,

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